Hopetoun Estate diversion – forestry works

Hopetoun Estate diversion – forestry works

15 January 2018

*Updated 16 March 2018 - Diversion no longer in place*

From 17 January 2018, a section of the John Muir Way at Hopetoun Estate in West Lothian will be temporarily closed to allow essential forestry thinning works in the Wester Shore Woodland. The works will last for approximately eight weeks. The closed section is between Blackness and Abercorn.

Separate diversions will be in place for walkers and for cyclists. Please see maps and follow diversion signs on the ground. Please note that the walkers diversion is not suitable for cyclists or people with mobility restrictions, as the terrain is soft tussocky grassland. The cyclists diversion follows NCN 76 Diversion signs. Cyclists on mountain bikes may wish to follow the shorter walkers diversion and push where required.

Closure of the paths within the woodland is necessary for Health and Safety reasons due to the requirement of the contractors to use large scale forestry machinery and the risk of falling trees. For your safety please follow the diversions. Dogs should be kept under close control and not allowed to roam freely in the woodland.