19 Mar 2020

This article is intended as an update on the status of the trail only. For the latest advice on coronavirus, please visit the government website.

The John Muir Way walking and cycling routes are still open for local use at this time. In fact, getting outdoors and taking moderate exercise can be a great way to reduce stress, benefit our immune systems and take care of our mental health. At the time of writing, taking exercise outside once a day is allowed under the government's guidelines, as long as you are alone or with a member of your household. However please do not travel to the John Muir Way from a distance (exercise should be from your home) and do check the latest government and NHS advice regarding social distancing, staying at home and what to do if you have symptoms. 

Facilities and Services

Please be aware that the majority of the facilities on the route, including visitor attractions, cafes and non-essential shops are closed due to coronavirus. This includes John Muir's Birthplace Museum in Dunbar and Helensburgh Swimming Pool, which means completer certificates are not currently available on the route (you can still claim them online for a previously completed expedition).


If you have planned a multi-day trip on the John Muir Way, please contact your accommodation providers or tour operator for advice on rescheduling your trip.

Using the John Muir Way

For those using the trail for exercise at this time, please follow a few simple steps to help minimise the impact of coronavirus:

  • Keep a distance of at least 2m from other path users
  • Don't go out in groups - only go out alone or with a family/household member
  • Take your own food and water
  • Let somebody know where you’re going and when you’ll be back
  • Take hand sanitiser, wash hands regularly and dispose of any tissues or wipes responsibly

Above all, please take extra care out on the trail and stay safe.