18 Apr 2024

On the 21 April, we celebrate two things: the 10th anniversary of the John Muir Way and the annual John Muir Day. For a decade now, this remarkable trail has been connecting Scotland from Coast to Coast and helping visitors make lifelong memories.  

Stretching across 134 miles, from Helensburgh in the west to Dunbar in the east, the John Muir Way pays tribute to the legacy of its namesake, the renowned Scottish-American naturalist John Muir. Muir was a fervent advocate for wilderness preservation and environmental stewardship. It's fitting that this trail, which bears his name, embodies his spirit of adventure and reverence for the natural world. 

Over the past ten years, the John Muir Way has become more than just a trail; it's a journey of discovery, connecting people with nature and history. Along its route, hikers and cyclists alike encounter a tapestry of landscapes, from rugged coastlines and tranquil lochs to rolling hills and ancient woodlands. Each step is a reminder of the beauty and diversity of Scotland's natural heritage. 

But the John Muir Way is more than just a scenic route. It's a catalyst for conservation and community engagement. Throughout the years, John Muir Way Partnership Group members, local councils, funders, partners, contractors, volunteers and school pupils have worked tirelessly to maintain and protect the trail, ensuring that future generations can continue to enjoy it. From Planting for Pollinators and becoming Scotland’s first B-line to the award winning Greening Study. the John Muir Way has sparked a renewed commitment to making the Central Belt of Scotland a place for giving nature and communities the freedom to thrive. 

As we reflect on the past decade, we are also humbled by the progress made. What started as a vision to honour John Muir's legacy has blossomed into a thriving symbol of spending time in the outdoors and looking after our natural environment. Thousands of hikers, cyclists, and nature enthusiasts have traversed its paths, each one leaving with a strengthened appreciation for the world around them. 

Whether you'll soon be embarking on your first journey along the John Muir Way or you're reminiscing on past adventures, let's take a moment to celebrate the John Muir Way. Happy 10-year anniversary, John Muir Way! Here's to many more years of adventure, discovery, and giving nature a helping hand. 


Enjoy a selection from the John Muir Way opening day below:

JMW Launch 2014 04 21 15

JMW Launch 2014 04 21 16

JMW Launch 2014 04 21 12