You'll find a wealth of information about the route within the section pages under the Coast to Coast Route menu. However we've also gathered together some handy hints on this page to help you plan your trip, from tour companies to travel and even toilets!

Accommodation Booking and Baggage Transfer Services

If you'd like to book a walking holiday package or just don't want to carry your load then the companies below offer accommodation booking and baggage transfer services. They'll do sections or the whole route.

Public Transport on the John Muir Way

The key stations serving the John Muir Way are marked on each section of the map as points of interest. Between Falkirk and Dunbar, several conveniently located stations provide access either directly onto the route or within 1-3 miles of it. These can be used to reach sections of the route for day trips or to complete the route in sections. Further west, stations are fewer, but bus services help to fill the gaps. For example, Killearn can be reached by bus from Glasgow, Helensburgh and Balloch; Strathblane from Glasgow; Bonnybridge and Kilsyth from Falkirk and Glasgow; Bo’ness and Blackness from Falkirk, Linlithgow and Edinburgh. Traveline provides details of both train services and buses. Some trains can only carry limited number of bicycles so it is advisable to check availability of spaces and book bicycle tickets in advance. This is especially relevant when traveling from Dunbar.