The John Muir Way stretches coast to coast across the diverse landscapes and rich heritage of central Scotland and offers easy access to nature, history, the outdoors and so much more. 

Explore the ideas and resources below to plan your own adventures on the John Muir Way – whether individually or leading groups, and on your doorstep or further afield. Make it your own John Muir Way!

John Muir Way Activity Guide

Download the John Muir Way activity guide, brimming with ideas and resources for citizen science, adventure, Curriculum for Excellence, volunteering, achievement awards and creative activities!

Discover John Muir

For a wider source of activities that help connect with John Muir’s messages, stories and adventures visit the Discover John Muir website.

John Muir Way Youth Engagement Report

To celebrate the 2018 Year of Young People, this report highlights some of the many ways that young people from all backgrounds are using and benefiting from the John Muir Way, and the organisations whose work supports this. These examples demonstrate the value of the John Muir Way to young people as a place for nature connection, biodiversity action, outdoor learning, community activity, training and skills, adventure and resilience, curiosity and creativity, inclusion, health and wellbeing. They also show the breadth of collaboration and partnership that has grown around the John Muir Way. Download the report here.

Planting for Pollinators Along the John Muir Way

Scotland’s pollinators are in trouble, and they need your help! The expansion of urban areas and fragmentation of wild habitats have resulted in the serious decline of our pollinating insects. We need to protect our remaining wildflower areas, and create new areas that they can use to shelter and forage. CSGNT, in partnership with Buglife and the John Muir Trust, have created the Planting for Pollinators Along the John Muir Way project, aiming to create hundreds of mini-meadows along the John Muir Way. Find out more and download resources to get involved.